6x4 Trailer - $1800 ( With 600MM Cage - $1900 / With 900MM Cage - $2000)

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  • 6x4 Trailer
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  • Galvanised 6x4 Trailers
  • Galvanised 6x4 Trailers


6x4 Trailer - $1800With 600MM Cage - $1900With 900MM Cage - $2000

6x4 Trailer Details

Our Brand New GPT, 6x4 inch, Hot Dip Galvanised, 500KG payload trailers are your ultimate outdoor carrying and tipping machine at the lowest price in all of Australia.

They are backed by an excellent 12 month Manufacturer's local onsite warranty and meet all the Australian road and safety standards for absolute piece of mind.

These beasts of the road are all round Hot Dipped Galvanised so that they are rust proof all year round against the wildest weather conditions.

The TR64's have a Progressive load, leaf slipper spring suspension which flexes to absorb road shock and provide a smooth ride. It also works to reduces wear and tear on trailer and ensures a level ride on bumpy and uneven surfaces.

The big 600mm / 1.34m3 cage makes this a total of 900mm(3ft) / 2.15m3 high so you can fit almost any sized material or item.

It also comes with a tipper function so you can easily, with just your hand, load/unload rubbish, furniture, building material, small vehicles or anything that fits inside.

It includes;

  • The front and rear doors with latches
  • Opening gate on cage with latches
  • Rear LED brake and indicator lights
  • Quick release coupling (Zinc Plated and to AU Standard 4177.3)
  • Fold-up wheel jockey with adjustable height
  • 7-pin round plug
  • 45mm Safety Chain
  • Number Plate holder with LED Spotlight
  • VIN number
  • All our trailers come with Australia-wide Complianced VIN numbers


  • Spare Wheel $130
  • Spare Wheel + Bracket $175
  • Cage Cover $275
  • 600mm cage included free
  • On site VIN number included free

Pick up is available from our Campbellfield, VIC Store from 8.30am to 5.30pm weekdays and 8.30am to 4.30pm Saturdays.

Please feel free to come in and have a look or call us on 03 9357 6168 or 0408 516 808

Trailer must be delivered as a flatpack.

The trailer comes delivered unasassembled and you will have to build it yourself.

Assembled trailer is available for pickup at no extra cost.

6x4 Tipper Trailer

6x4 Cage Trailer

6x4 Trailers For Sale

6x4 Trailer Specification

  • Trailer Size : 6 x 4 (1800mm x 1220mm)
  • Cage Size : 1800 x 1220 x 600mm Cage with Swing out gate
  • Box depth : 320mm
  • Material : Hot Dip Galvanised Steel
  • Floor : Full Galvanised Ribbed Floor
  • Floor Thickness : 2.5mm plate
  • Tipper function : Quick release to help with loading and unloading
  • Tailgates : Front & Rear Opening
  • Wheels/Tires No : 2
  • Wheels/Tires : 13 inch rims 5-Stub Ford Pattern wheel (white powder coat)
  • Wheels/Tires : 165/70R13 inch Light truck tyre (loading capacity 450kg for each tyre)
  • Tail Lights : Long Life LED tail lights both side
  • Number plate holder : Galvanised Steel with included Long Life bright white LED
  • Axle Size : Square Solid 50mm x 50mm
6X4 Box Tipper Galvanised Trailer

One year Warranty on all 6x4 Trailers
  • Leaf Springs Size : 45mm x 7mm x 4 Leafs
  • Slipper Springs : Heavy Duty (2000 kg gross. weight)
  • Suspension : Progressive load, 4 Leaf slipper type
  • Quick Release Coupling : Zinc Plated - AUS Standard 4177.3 2000kg coupling
  • Bearings : Standard L.M.
  • Safety Chain : 40mm
  • Electrical Connector : Standard Australian 7 pin round plug or flat adapter
  • Compliance Plate (VIN) Included :
  • Axle Design Load Capacity :1000 KG
  • Tare : 200 KG
  • Payload : 550 KG
  • GVM / ATM : 750 KG
  • Warranty : 12 Month Manufacture's Warranty
  • Jockey Wheel : Solid tyre, Adjustable height and Fold up function

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